What To Do Before IV Anesthesia Sedation

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Pre-Op Anesthesia Tips

  • No food or liquid for eight (8) hours before the appointment (not even water).intravenous anesthesia for oral surgery
  • Arrange for a driver to accompany you to the office. If you are under 18 years of age, the driver must be your parent or legal guardian. All drivers must remain in the office, during your surgery.
  • Prescribed medications should be taken with a small sip of water; please advise our office of the medications you will be taking.
  • Wear a loose-fitting short-sleeved shirt and flat shoes. Remove all tongue and lip rings before coming into the office. Remove eye contacts and wear glasses on the day of surgery.
  • If you have a beard, mustache, or other facial hair, you must neatly trim or shave it prior to surgery. A beard or other facial hair interferes with the fitting of your oxygen mask, as well as interferes with the surgical procedure. In an effort to maintain a sterile environment and aseptic technique, you must trim or shave your beard or mustache if you would like to proceed with the surgery.
  • Absolutely no smoking 48 hours prior to your surgery and no smoking 48 hours after surgery! Smoking delays the healing process and leads to complications including dry sockets.
  • Do not take any recreational drugs.
  • Please do not wear cologne or perfume for your surgery as a courtesy to those individuals who may have a sensitivity or allergy to either.
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