Yomi Robotic Dental Implant Surgery

Robot-Assisted Dental Implant Surgery in orange county CA

yomi  assisted  dental  robotThe first-ever robot-assisted dental surgical system, Yomi is used by leading Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, like Dr. Grant, all around the world. Yomi has revolutionized the way we do implant surgery at the Center for Reconstruction & Education, both in preoperative planning and the actual implant placement procedure.

An Innovative Procedure

Dental implants allow patients who have lost teeth to regain fully functional and natural-looking smiles. Implant dentistry is one of the latest advancements in tooth replacement, and Yomi has taken this innovative procedure one step further by providing audio, visual, and physical feedback to guide the surgeon in exact implant placement.

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Robotic Dental implants in orange County CA

From the initial CT scan that is analyzed by our surgeons for implant placement planning to the intraoperative procedure itself, Yomi ensures precision and control. The robot guides Dr. Grant to the exact implant location and orientation while providing resistance to prevent the surgeon’s hand position from deviating from the surgical plan, leaving no opportunity for human error.


Customizing treatment and making decisions according to your particular case is our specialty, so if Dr. Grant spontaneously finds it necessary to modify a plan intra-operatively, Yomi is flexible and accommodates adjustments. The robot-assisted surgical system allows the surgeon to maintain command at all times.

dental implant animation


  • Pre-operative planning via CT scan
  • Real-time visual and audio guidance during surgery
  • Precise placement of implant
  • No room for human error
  • Improving restorative outcomes
  • A minimally invasive dental implant approach

Thanks to the robotic digital benefits provided by Yomi, the length of the surgery as well as the recovery time are shortened which lessens the amount of discomfort experienced by the patient. For more information about robot-assisted implant surgery, please call our office today at Center for Oral Reconstruction & Education Phone Number 714-771-7677.

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