Surgically-Assisted Orthodontics

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Our surgeons are proud to be providers of surgically-assisted orthodontics. Both adolescents and adults can enjoy the benefits of rapid orthodontic treatment in most cases from six to eight months. Common complications of conventional orthodontic care such as root resorption, decalcification, and relapse are often eliminated. In certain situations, bicuspid extraction and jaw surgery can be avoided.

The surgically-assisted orthodontics procedure is done in the office setting under I.V. sedation and involves stippling of the cortical bone around the teeth that are to be moved along with bone grafting following the placement of your braces by your orthodontist. This procedure harnesses the power of bone physiology by changing how your teeth and surrounding bone respond to braces. This temporary softening of the dense bone around the teeth allows the orthodontist to move the teeth into ideal positions in a rapid, safe, and stable manner. When the braces are removed, the tooth movement is completed and the bone around the roots of the teeth will rebuild itself, even stronger than before. Dr. Grant and Dr. Mergelmeyer will work closely with your orthodontist to achieve the desired results.

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